I’m a writer, photographer, and editor born in Brooklyn, raised in Fort Lauderdale, and based in Miami. My last name is pronounced you-sir-of-itch, with a rolled “r.”

I write about Florida history, Miami and its relationship to the Caribbean, films, video games, music, memories, feelings, and visual art, especially photography. My writing has been published in Artforum, Art in America, The Believer, Bomb, Burnaway, Cultured, Deem Journal, Filmmaker Magazine, The Los Angeles Review of Books, The New York Review of Books, The Outline, and Pin-Up, among other places, and my photographs have been exhibited throughout the US and internationally. My editing clients include publications, art institutions, festivals, universities, students, artists, writers, friends. Previously, I was the Senior Editor at Cultured.

I am a recipient of a 2020 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant in the short-form category. My project, Groundwater, is a (still ongoing) series of essays about artists from Florida or the Caribbean whose work addresses—or attempts to mitigate—instances of environmental injustice and the effects of the climate crisis.
Sometimes I conduct research for Dreaming as the Water Rises, a personal, sentimental, and very unofficial study on water, dreams, Florida, and sea-level rise. If you’ve ever spent time in Florida and/or dreamt of the sea, reach out.

For a full CV, click here.

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in lieu of a portrait, here’s Juan Epstein—who, like me, is Puerto Rican, Jewish, and bad at sports.