Profiles & Interviews
Selva Aparicio, Foundwork

The Gold Nets ProjectThe Believer

Texas Isaiah Revels in the Pauses, Cultured

Lonnie Holley, The Time TravelerCultured

Clayton Patterson Reflects on the Importance of Recording the Past, Present and Possible Future, Cultured

We Are Walking Portals: Aurora InterviewedBOMB

How Words Occupy Space: An Interview with Cristine BracheLos Angeles Review of Books

Building autonomy through aid: Cuidando a las que nos cuidan, Deem Journal (excerpt)

Criticism & Reviews
Where the Horizon Swells, Dips, and Sways: Hayao Miyazaki at the Academy MuseumBOMB

Fair Game: Sky is a Virtual World Designed to Cultivate Kindness and CollectivityPin-Up

Practicing Ascension, Art in America

Vaughnn Spann’s “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” at David Castillo Gallery, Artforum

Najja Moon at The Bass, Artforum

Hiejin Yoo at Fredric Snitzer GalleryArtforum

Kentaro Ikegami at Bit.Rx GalleryArtforum

Perfect Storm: Makoto Shinkai's Weathering With YouArtforum

Peggy Levison Nolan’s “Untitled (Stella With Rose)”, Art in America

Mining Meaning: Jamilah Sabur at Nina JohnsonArt in America

The Public and Private Lives of BTS Blur on TourHyperallergic

Love Letters
“Why Don’t You Fly Home?” Stories from an Afro-Latinx/Jewish MatriarchyAvidly/Los Angeles Review of Books

Survivor Syndrome; or, Snacking While JewishAvidly/Los Angeles Review of Books

Ricky Williams Was My Favorite AthleteThe Outline

What Cookie Monster Can Teach Us About ArtHyperallergic

On Florida
Picturing Climate Crisis in Miami: ‘FloodZone’New York Review of Books

The Art of the Flood: A Myth in Ten PartsAffidavit

A Haunting Monument to love, or aliens, or limestoneThe Bitter Southerner

Citrus CankerPark West Paper

A project supported by The Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant

Material ResistanceBOMB

What We Stand On: Reverend Houston Cypress InterviewedBOMB

The designer hunting Florida’s Burmese pythons to make clothesDazed (A Future World)

Deborah Jack’s Poetic Work Draws Parallels between Hurricanes and Caribbean HistoryArtsy

Mira el Mar: Reflections on Natalia Lassalle-Morillo’s Retiro, Burnaway
Translated into Spanish by Raquel Salas Rivera

Ghost Orchid: Cristina MolinaBurnaway

Nyugen Smith’s Water WorkBurnaway

River of Grass, River of StarsBurnaway

Coral's City: Below the Surface with Coral MorphologicBurnaway